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Our strengths

We work to provide you an excellent product, following every step of machining and ensuring you the best quality standards.

100% Made in Italy
ISO 9001:2015 and TÜV Sud Germany Certifications
Historicity since 1964

Safety components sold

Percentage of defectiveness <0.05%

out of the total production

About Us

  • Testimonial
    I have worked for EP for 11 years and since the beginning PFB has been our supplier. Through the years, the volumes of purchasing and the types of items offered have increased. I’ve always found the PFB personnel as collaborative and available. The quality level of products has always been high, I don’t remember non-conformities related to goods delivered by PFB.
    Roberto Baccilieri

    Elevatori Premontati (Italia)

  • Testimonial
    PFB is a real certainty in the componentry sector, for this reason, the relation between PFB and CMAlifts has always been very strong. In particular, we appreciate the Made in Italy nature of the PFB project and the absolute quality of the products.
    Giulio Caputo

    CMAlifts (Italia)

  • Testimonial
    PFB is a professional company with high level of quality and service, matching the best world standards in the Lift Industry, focusing on continuous innovation, close interaction with customers, keeping a family managed business has a reference on management skills to achieve outstanding products. We are proud to be part of this.
    Hugo Miguel

    Botao Virtual (Portogallo)

  • Testimonial
    PFB is one of the pillars of Donati’s commercial strategy. A rare example of technological and productive excellence. It’s a genuinely Italian company whose values and honesty, without any compromise, are universally acknowledged by the market. This partnership brought great success to Donati and we trust that it will allow us to achieve the most ambitious future accomplishments.
    Alessandro Cattelan

    Donati (Italia)

  • Testimonial
    I started in the elevator industry as a design engineer in 1987. I have used PFB components and found them to be reliable and proven equipment for any systems I have designed. When I started Amerivator Systems Corporation in 1999, I preferred to continue to use same PFB components since the quality and durability has been maintained through the years. It’s user friendly data and integration into our systems enabled us always to design for all our standard & custom designs. Their customer support and friendly personnel are part of their successful story. Through out my career, I have designed, manufactured and supplied over 5000 lifts in my life time and I used PFB governors and sheaves as main components in a majority of the elevators we made.
    Daniel Sedrak

    Amerivator Systems Corporation (USA)

Product Line

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Direct customers in 60 countries around the world

Our Application Fields

  • PFB Ascensori a fune

    Cable lifts

    Full range of mechanical and safety components for any speed and capacity. Possibility to have very small and specific dimensions on request.

  • PFB Ascensori idraulici

    Hydraulic lifts

    All the necessary with a dedicated range and with the realization of specific products on request.

  • PFB Montacarichi

    Goods lift

    Mechanical and safety components for high load rates with production of high performance products on specific requests.

  • PFB Piattaforme Homelift

    Homelift platforms

    Full range of mechanical and safety components with very small dimensions and adaptable to the most diverse varieties with the creation of specific products.

  • PFB Impianti Automatici

    Automatic plant

    Our entire range of safety components is entirely applicable to the warehouse sector with automatic handling.

  • PFB Trasloelevatori

    Automatic aisle cranes

    Our safety range can be perfectly installed in automatic aisle cranes.

Latest News

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