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Application Fields

Every system in which you can install PFB products.

Ascensore a fune Casi D'Applicazione

Cable lifts

Full range of mechanical and safety components for any speed and capacity. Possibility to have very small and specific dimensions on request.

Ascensori Idraulici Casi D'Applicazione

Hydraulic lifts

All the necessary with a dedicated range and with the realization of specific products on request.

Montacarichi Casi D'Applicazione

Goods lift

Mechanical and safety components for high load rates with production of high performance products on specific requests.

Piattaforme Homelift Casi D'Applicazione

Homelift platforms

Full range of mechanical and safety components with very small dimensions and adaptable to the most diverse varieties with the creation of specific products.

Impianti Automatici Casi D'Applicazione

Automatic plant

Our entire range of safety components is entirely applicable to the warehouse sector with automatic handling.

Trasloelevatori Casi D'Applicazione

Automatic aisle cranes

Our safety range can be perfectly installed in automatic aisle cranes.