1. 1959

    Birth of the company: The name was FB in the name of the founder Franco Bevini. Main activity was general machining.

  2. 1964

    Two new partners: Mr. Pinzetta and Mr. Baraldi: The name became PFB. Main activity became more specialized: precision: mechanical machining;

  3. 1970

    Specialization: PFB specializes in production of Mechanical Lift Components.

  4. 1983

    Homologations: Homologation of Overspeed Governors R5 and R6.

  5. 1986

    Homologations: Homologation of Overspeed Governors R1 and R3.

  6. 1989

    Homologations: Homologation of Safety Gears SP50 and SP60.

  7. 1993

    Second Generation: Planned development of organization and production which gave PFB important results later.

  8. 1994

    International Events: Partecipation at the 1st International Lift Exhibition in Bruxelles.

  9. 1998

    Homologations and Certifications: Homologation of bidirectional Overspeed Governors LK series with their own international patent. Enlargement of the historical building and new offices. ISO 9002 Certification.

  10. 2002

    Certification ISO 9001 - 2000: Inauguration of the 2nd building. PFB doubles the production area

  11. 2008

    Update: ISO 9001 Certification

  12. 2015

    Homologations: TÜV SUD Germany homologation of complete range of our Safety Components according to new Directive 2014-33/EU and new Norms EN81/20-50.

  13. 2016

    Quality and Safety: Building of a test tower in the historical factory to test new products and to control our Safety Components.

  14. 2017

    Third Generation: Change of social structure and Digital improvements.

  15. 2019

    New series: The new LX overspeed governors are born!

Your Safety First, every step of the way

  • PFB icona made in italy Made in Italy

    Made in Italy

    PFB made in italy

    We strongly believe in Made in Italy and in the value that this represents in any sector at an international level. For this reason, our products are entirely made in Italy and, more precisely, near our production site. Every single component that is part of the finished product has the word Made in Italy to guarantee maximum reliability to our customers. PFB also closely monitors the machining by going regularly to its local suppliers to ascertain the correctness execution and compliance with the high quality standards required.

  • PFB icona controllo qualità produzione Quality


    PFB is quality-certified since 1998 and is currently certified according to ISO 9001-2015 issued by CERMET in order to ensure quality, process control and total traceability of its products. PFB, at full quality assurance that always pursues, designs and manufactures all the components in Italy which in almost all cases are made exclusively on our well defined specifications to optimize our final product and guarantee the best prices, combined with a level of service and technical support that has as its only target total customer satisfaction.

  • PFB icona certificazioni produzione Certification


    PFB has certified its complete range of safety components, overspeed governors and safety gears by TÜV Germany in accordance with actual European Standards, Directive 95/16/CE Norms EN81-1/2 and Directive 2014/33/UE Norms EN81-20/50. PFB also has specifical certifications on its production of pulleys and guide shoes in order to guarantee the customer about products performances even though are not existing specifical regulation requirements about it; as for our rope anchorages production we have certificates in accordance with Norms EN13411-7 too.

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