PFB is specialized in the production and sale of mechanical lift components. This activity started in 1964 with the production of pulleys, that supplemented the pre-existing mechanical production for third parties. In the following years, our factory gradually abandoned production for third parties and widened the range of its own products up to the point of reaching the production of the present range of lift products that, besides pulleys, includes: guide shoes, overspeed governors, tension weights, safety gears and rope anchorages.
Each product is designed, manufactured and certified by PFB that, with its over 30 years of acquired experience and its constant research of improvement, makes the most perfect choice of the materials used and the working and assembling techniques. Besides the perfect execution, the reliability of our products is also guaranteed by their correct application. For this purpose, PFB shows in its catalogue the performances and the technical characteristics and use for which each product has been designed.
All products are manufactured according to norms in force and in particular the whole overspeed governors range and safety gears are certified by TÜV.
Sales are carried out directly from the factory to our costumers, who are represented, apart from the most important european manufacturers, also by fitters and maintenance specialists.
All the PFB activity, however, is concentrated in the two plants in Modena. PFB also operates with a local channel, that usually supplies semimanufactured products.