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#PFBook17 Which are the lift components?


Which are the lift components?

There is a universe of components that make up a lift, and at PFB we design and manufact...

#PFBook16 What are pulleys and how do they work?


What is an elevator pulley and how does it work?

A pulley is a device on which the system's ropes turn and can be either a d...

#PFBook15 What are the guide shoes used for?


Guide shoes are an essential component for the movement of the car on the rails. More precisely, guide shoes allow the car to mo...

#PFBook14 What is a tension weight and how does it work?


The tension weight is a device used to keep the overspeed governor rope under tension. It is eq...

#PFBook13 What is the safety gear and how does it work?


The instantaneous or progressive safety gear, together with the overspeed governor, plays a key role in the safety of the elevator...

#PFBook12 How does the overspeed governor work?


What is the overspeed governor?

The overspeed governor is the heart of any lift system. I...

#PFBook11 Quality, reliability and safety


Our defect rate has now beaten any record!

We are proud to announce that, in the last year, our defect rate has been lower...

#PFBook10 Your Safety First: Our motto, our vision, our future


Discover our certifications

Our certifications prove that we really care about the quality of the products we sell to our c...

#PFBook 10


The U.K has definitely left the European Union. We are all aware about the changes that this event is having in terms of certifica...