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Why have we changed the serial number of our products?

We have received several requests from our clients, who love our products, but many times they have had to fight against fake copies of our articles, with our counterfeit brand name. We are working hard to eradicate this phenomenon and we have introduced a new alphanumeric serial generated by a proprietary and not replicable algorithm that will replace the previous serial number.

Which are the advantages?

The main advantage is that it will no longer be possible to replicate, on a large scale, the serial number by third parties. Therefore, it will be easier to detect a counterfeit product

Does something change for you?

Basically nothing. Indeed, along with the new serial number, we will provide you with a 7 digits univocal code, that is reported under the field “REF” in the label. You can decide to use either the alphanumeric serial or the 7 digits code. It makes no difference, since in any case, it will be possible to trace the product. Moreover this will ensure a further cross-checking on the authenticity of our products.

What is the new QR code for?

We have now introduced the new QR code that includes the following information: model; nominal speed; tripping speed; serial number; implant code. Through the scan with the suitable QR code reader, you will be able to manage the materials in an automated manner, in a perspective of a total traceability as required by the current regulations.

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New alphanumeric serial number


### Why have we changed the serial number of our products? We have received several requests from...