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We were born in 1964 in Modena, Itay. Since the beginning of our story, we export quality, safety and reliability all over the world. We do it because we believe in Made in Italy and we believe that working with passion, always aiming to achieve the best quality is a key competitive advantage. We have always been aware about the importance of our work. Safety is the starting point in any modern society: living in a safe house, working in a safe environment are two of the most important conditions.

What we produce?

Overspeed governors: Monodirectional and Bidirectional governors Safety gears: instantaneous monoroller and double rollers Tension weights: vertical/horizontal; floor fixed/adjustable by the customer. Pulleys: we can produce almost every pulley you need, in cast iron or in PA6G. Guide shoes: sliding, rocking and rollers Rope anchorages: with or without spring, with buffer.

Our products are customizable, they can adapt to any situation, satisfying the specific needs of our clients.

How we produce it?

Transparency is a key value of our company. PFB is 100% Made in Italy. Every single component which is part of the final product is designed and produced in Italy. But there’s more, these components are manufactured near our production facility, in Modena. This is very important for us, since this proximity allows our team to constantly monitor the suppliers. The assembling of the components takes place in our production site where our team of professional technicians and workers deals with the whole process till the dispatch of the goods. Our safety components are certified by TUV SUD Germany and the entire process, from the order to the shipment is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, issued by Kiwa Cermet.

Which are our future perspectives?

We have always looked to the future with a constant desire to improve and innovate our products and technologies. Innovation is a core element of our vision and philosophy, for this reason, our team is trained and always updated about the latest innovations and the newest technologies. We will never stop innovating and growing and these are our primary objectives. We are developing new products,which we create and design, thinking about our clients and their changing needs. Stay updated and follow us to discover all the latest news about our product range.

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#PFBook1 Values, Goals and Features


We were born in 1964 in Modena, Itay. Since the beginning of our story, we export quality, safety an...

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