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Witamy LX120: najmniejszy ogranicznik prędkości windy w historii


Regulator Prędkości LX120 do Winda o Ograniczonej Wysokości

Jeśli szukasz niezawodnego i bezpiecznego rozwiązania, które zapewn...

PFB will participate at the Global Elevator Exhibition GEE 2023 in Milan, Italy!


Global Elevator Exhibition is the exhibition dedicated to elevators, escalators, moving walkways and components.

It will be...

Which are the safety switches for overspeed governors and tension weights for lift?


All versions of the overspeed governors for lifts by PFB are supplied with a safety switch, which has the function o...

UKCA Certificates


UK Conformity Assessment is the new UK product marking that will be required for products placed on the market in *Great Britain...

And here is the newest R4M


We are also proud to present our recently released R4M Spring Tension Weight. The new tension weight, with its **super-small...

Introducing the new LX200!


The new Bidirectional Overspeed Governor LX200, approved by TÜV Germany, is our latest creation, ultra-compact and ultra-high-...

Here is the new app PFB!


We are proud to present the new app for Android and iOS by PFB!

With this app, you will be able to scan the QR Code by fram...

PFB & #LiftExpo2022!


We are proud to announce that we will take part in Lift Expo 2022, where Italian and foreign excellence in the field of lifts will...

#PFBook17 Jakie komponenty wchodzą w skład dźwigów?


Jakie komponenty wchodzą w skład dźwigów?

Istnieje cały świat komponentów, które wchodzą w skład dźwigu, my w PFB proje...