Instantaneous Safety Gears

Monoroller BP100 for high loads

Designed for the greatest demands, BP100 is the most powerful safety gear ever created.

Triangolo verde

Monoroller safety gear for high loads. Homologated TÜV SUD according to Directive 2014/33/UE and Norms EN81-20/50.

For guides from 16 to 19 mm. Static load up to 11'296 Kg.

Triangolo Rosso
Tripping speed (m/s) Maximum load in kg
0.50 11296
0.60 10869
0.70 10404
0.80 9915
0.90 9413
1.00 8910
1.10 8412
1.20 7927
1.32 7369
1.65 5999

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